Young Living Black Friday 2018

black friday

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It’s time for Young Living’s Black Friday deals! Everyone loves a good sale, and this year’s sale does not disappoint.

If you’ve been thinking of getting started with oils, this is an AMAZING time to do that.  So what are the deets?  Read on and check them out.

FIFTY (50!) oils 20% percent off.

Yes, you read that right-50 oils are going to be available at 20 percent off.   That means this is a wonderful time to start something new, replace or stock up-even reactivate your membership.

Black Friday

Abundance 15ml $30.40
Bergamot 15ml $22.20
Blue Tansy 5ml $75.80 
Cedarwood 15ml $9.20
Christmas Spirit 5ml $8.40
Citronella 15ml $16.00
Citrus Fresh Vitality 5ml $6.00
Clary Sage 15ml $39.00
Clove 15ml $12.60
Copaiba 15ml $35.40
Cypress 15ml $15.80
Di-Gize 15ml $27.00
Endoflex 15ml $22.60
Eucalyptus Globulus 15ml $11.80
Eucalyptus Radiata 15ml $15.20
Frankincense Vitality 5ml $24.40
Gentle Baby 5ml $17.40
Geranium 15ml $34.00
Ginger 5ml $10.80
Immupower 15ml $51.60
Joy 15ml $34.40
Lavender Vitalty 5ml $9.60
Lavender 15ml $19.40
Lemon Vitality 5ml $5.00
Lemon 15ml $9.20
Lime Vitality 5ml $4.60
Melrose 15ml $16.20
Orange Vitality 5ml $4.80
Orange 15ml $8.80
Oregano 15ml $22.80
Panaway 5ml $29.00
Panaway 15ml $65.40
Patchouli 15ml $27.80
Peace & Calming 5ml $27.80
Peppermint Vitality 5ml $8.20
Peppermint 15ml $17.60
Raven 15ml $28.60
Rose 5ml $152.80, 75PV
Rosemary 15ml $12.80
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood 5ml $78.00
Sacred Sandalwood 5ml $79.80, 59.80PV
SleepIze 5ml $13.80
Spearmint 5ml $8.80
Stress Away 15ml $24.40
Tea Tree 15ml $21.40
Thieves Vitality 5ml $11.80
Thieves 15ml $27.80
TummyGize 5ml $10.40
Valor 5ml $31.80
Vetiver 5ml $17.00
White Angelica 5ml $23.00 

So many awesome oils!  There are tons of ideas for bundles you can make as well, for different ways you might want to use oils.

young living oils  essential oils young living essential oilsyoung living essential oils

Come join my Facebook group for details, links, and pricing on these oils.

Four Diffusers available at 20% off

Aria Diffuser $185.40
Desert Mist Diffuser $51.00
Lantern Diffuser $67.80
Rain Stone Diffuser $139.80

Young Living Diffusers are really the best in the biz, and these prices are the lowest you’ll see this year.  To find out more about our diffusers, and decide which one is right for you, check out this breakdown.   Even better, each diffuser purchase will come with a FREE 5 mL Peppermint and a FREE 5 mL tangerine.  SWEET!

young living essential oils

Roller Set

Young Living’s rollers are all available together in one set for the discounted price of 199.00.

Read more about our rollers, and why they are awesome, in this post.

black friday


Finally, if you want the BEST deal-grab your Premium Starter Kit.  Through midnight on Friday, 11/23/18, I’m offering a $25.00 Amazon gift card with every Starter Kit purchase.  Decide which starter kit you want and then use this link to purchase it.

For the latest updates, or to find out more about these deals, come join me on Facebook.  See you there! And happy shopping!

black friday

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