Why NOW is Great Time to Start a Young Living Business in Philippines

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Start a Young Living Business in the Philippines!

Hey there!  My name is Angie, this is Angiessentials, and I’m so glad you’ve found this post.  I’m shouting from the rooftops because I’m part of an organization I LOVE, called Young Living.  Now is an exciting time for Young Living in the Philippines-we’re opening the market for our products there.

The business and the products have changed my life, and I want to share this opportunity with everyone.  If you love people, know how to hustle, and are passionate about health for yourself and your family, come read all about it.  This is for YOU.

Young Living

The Products are the BEST

Young Living is a company that has been in business for 25 years.  They pioneered the process of making the finest essential oils, using distillation methods and growing methods that are used by many other essential oil companies.  Their Seed to Seal promise is second to none-they own ALL their own farms and have complete control over their oils, from planting all the way to packaging.  You can be sure that what is in the bottle is the purest, therapeutic grade essential oil.  In addition, Young Living doesn’t cut corners, EVER.  If they cannot produce a product according to their Seed to Seal standards, they will not sell it until they can.  I love knowing I can trust the products I use in my home with my family.

It’s a NEW market in the Phillippines

Young Living products are not new to the Philippines.  Currently, you can buy products and become a member, and sell memberships to others-but all the products ship from the United States and are subject to higher shipping rates and sometimes customs charges.  However, with the opening of the new experience center in Manila, Young Living is becoming an open market in the Philippines.  They are poised to very soon open their own warehouse there, which means members will be able to have products ship from within their own country, as well as sell products at retail costs.  If you join now, you can begin educating yourself on the products and adding members to your team.  As the market opens and the products become even more readily available, you will already be established as a leader and educator for these awesome products.

I’m GROWING my team too-and I have the resources you need

I don’t think I’m biased when I say I’m part of one of the best teams in Young Living’s organization.  I LOVE our people.  We have private Facebook groups for members full of information on how to use these oils and products, business resources for those who want to grow, and leaders available to answer questions.  I’m dedicated to helping people succeed as well as educating them about these oils. I KNOW these products can change people’s lives.  I’m looking for leaders for my own team, people I can pour into with resources and help them grow.  Young Living’s compensation plan is structured in such a way that helping the members below you grow is what helps YOU grow.  Our team has taken this to heart, and if you join me, and work hard, we’ll do whatever we can to help you.

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet, start a Young Living business in the Philippines, and access our resources and groups, grab your Starter Kit HERE.  For more detailed instructions, check out this post.

More questions?  I’d love to talk to you. Come like my Facebook page and send me a message, I’d love to answer all your questions!

Talk soon!

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