Why I Began a Young Living Journey

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As this blog is mostly filled with articles about Young Living and it’s various products, I thought I should write a series of posts to explain our Young Living journey.  Let me first say this-I’m a work in progress.  I’m still learning everyday what these oils can do, how they can support our bodies, and how cleaning up the products we use can make a difference in our lives.  But the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, right?  So here’s the first step on my journey.

And so it begins…

I got started with Young Living a year ago.  I bought a kit because I was interested to try oils, and a Facebook friend said I could join without any commitment or selling.  I could just buy a kit and never buy anymore.  I was thrilled.  I’d wanted to try oils, but was nervous about getting connected with someone who would endlessly bug me about oils.


As the days went by, the more I learned, the more I loved this Young Living life.  The reasons surprised even me.

The Products

I actually have found that I’m almost more into the products Young Living sells than the oils.  I like the oils, and find them helpful day to day.  A few of them I just can’t live without.  But the products have really become the must have part of this journey for me.  Around four months after I bought my starter kit, we found out our oldest was allergic to several things that were common chemical ingredients in pretty much every cleaning and personal care product we used.  This was so overwhelming to me.  These sneaky chemicals could be in everything-how was I going to keep my baby’s skin safe?

Young Living turned out to be the answer.  Thieves cleaner replaced practically every household cleaner I used.  Seedlings and Kidscent products replaced all of the personal care items that I used on my kids.  Chemical filled candles and air fresheners were replaced with diffusers and oils.  I was able to do it easily, with products that came to my door, and I already knew that everything the company made was guaranteed NOT to have this gross stuff in it-so I didn’t have to wander through Target reading labels.

Since finding out about my daughter’s skin sensitivities, I’ve just realized I need to look more closely at the things I use in my home.  When it’s so easy to eliminate the junk-why not do it?

Essential Rewards

One of the things that attracted me to joining Young Living was the fact that I didn’t have to maintain some sort of monthly quota to be active, like so many MLM companies require.  I wasn’t about to get myself in some sort of situation where I’d have to order exactly 2000 dollars worth of product every quarter to keep my WS ordering privileges.  So imagine my surprise when I signed up for the monthly program ON MY OWN.  Here’s why-I was using the above mentioned products in my daily life.  As I said, I replaced all the cleaners, makeup, and personal care products with YL alternatives.  So I was spending that money monthly with Young Living, instead of at Target.  YL’s reward program required me to order 50.00 a month to stay active, and gave me 10 percent back on those purchases. Then after a couple months, 20.  After a year-25.  All in points that would allow me to get more cleaners, product, and makeup FREE. I mean-I easily spend 50 bucks a month at Target.  So I gladly agreed to spend that money with Young Living instead.  I call that transfer buying-and it is the way I use Young Living without spending money I don’t have.  I love that.  For more info on Young Living’s ER program, check out my article here.

The Business

Besides my aversion to monthly quotas, I swore up and down I would not hock these oils to ANYONE.  I may be interested in oils but I wasn’t about to run a business.  There was no opportunity in it, no return, and I would annoy everyone.  Well, guess what.  I actually changed my tune when I realized a few things.  1) This business is built on sharing your experiences, and when you share, people come to you and they join and you don’t have to beg them to buy your oils.  I realized that I could gain team members and income by just letting the oils do the work.  Now, I’m not suggesting I make millions for doing nothing.  It is a business, and as such, I have to look for opportunities to grow it. But I don’t have to beg, borrow, and steal.  This is a good product that people want to use, once you share it with them in a non spammy way.  2) The people on this team I’d joined were like, AWESOME.  The YL income structure is set up in way that actually benefits you more when the people below you succeed. So my business has grown by leaps and bounds with the support and help of the people around me.  I wasn’t buying a kit and then having to figure it all out myself.  They have these awesome resources.

The Community

Even before I decided to join the business, this team I’ve joined was wonderful to me.  People checked in on me, asked me if I needed help, and taught me through Facebook groups and personal conversations about how to use my oils.  Education, not sales, is the prime foundation of the Facebook groups our team has.  This has been so wonderful to me because I didn’t feel pressured to buy a bunch of things I didn’t need.  I was free to choose what I could use and incorporate it into my life in a way that really worked, and this team provided me with so much value without asking for anything in return.  Really, friends, the team was the most unexpected benefit.  It was the most valuable part of the sale.  For 160 dollars plus tax, I had access to a wealth of knowledge about oils and chemical free living, and people to ask questions and check on me.  So worth it.


If you’d like to learn more about starting your own Young Living journey, feel free to come join my Facebook group.  I share oils tips and tricks and Young Living sale and product information.  You don’t have to join our team to join my Facebook group.

Ready to jump in?  Head on over here to sign up as a WS member and get access to all our team resources.  Check out this post for more info about the starter kit options.

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