Tips for Switching to Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorant

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So, the secret is out.  I made the switch to natural deodorant.  Let me tell you folks, this was something I thought I’d never do.  I’m far from a “crunchy” sort of mama.  I made the switch for several reasons, and today I’m here to tell you a few things I’ve learned along the way.  Apparently when you switch from regular deodorant to natural, there’s a little adjustment period.  Didn’t know this, but now I’m passing it along, because this adjustment period can be sort of miserable UNLESS you know what to expect and have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Here’s a few of the things I learned to that you can use to help out with the transition.

Natural Deodorant

Don’t switch during summer, or major events

The deal with deodorant is this-it uses an aluminum compound to stop you from sweating.  Natural deodorant doesn’t contain this compound, so you’re going to sweat.  It’s natural, that’s what your body does to rid itself of toxins. However, when it hasn’t been used to doing that, it’s going to have to regulate itself and re-learn what to do.  So at first, you’re going to sweat.  Probably more than you will later and it will feel weird because you’re not used to it.  So if it’s 100 degrees outside and you have to lifeguard every afternoon in the heat, now is probably not the time to make the switch.  If your beautiful summer wedding is in a month-probably not the time to switch. Eight months pregnant in August?  Switch at your own risk.   DON’T SWITCH UNLESS YOU’RE READY FOR SWEAT.

Bentonite Clay

As previously mentioned, your sweat glands have been stopped up since puberty with aluminum compounds from deodorant.  Now you’re not using it and guess what?  Your body is going to get that out. So that tends to happen in the form of an itchy, red rash on your armpits.  To relieve this, you need something to draw out the toxins so you don’t have to spend some much time sweating them out.  This is where Bentonite Clay was a lifesaver for me.  You can get it on Amazon or at any health food store.  Make a paste, put it in your armpits, and let that sucker dry.  Then wash it off with warm water.  Do this at least once a day during your switch to ease the rash-y detox symptoms.  Bonus: It also makes a great face mask.

Sensitive Skin Deodorant

There are tons of natural deodorants on the market, and you’ll have to look around and find out which ones work for you.  However, I did realize that at first, my skin was really sensitive to some of the ingredients in these deodorants.  Baking soda is common to help with wetness in natural deodorants and my skin reacted to that at first.  Combined with the detox rash, that’s kind of miserable.  I personally use Schmidts Natural Deodorants because I love the scents and you can get them at Target.  Schmidt’s makes a sensitive skin formula that glides on and feels just like the deodorant I was used to, and didn’t cause me to break out (their regular formula is a bit different in texture, and a little rougher).  I used the sensitive skin formula for several months before I was able to use the regular without breaking out.

Give it a month

It takes probably a month after you initially change for your body to adjust.  The rashy symptoms, excess sweat, etc., should all gradually ease as this time goes on.  After a month, if you’re still struggling, especially with rash, try some different deodorants, but don’t give up all together.  Your body needs some time.  It does get better.


What ended up happening for me was amazing.  After a month of itchy rash and just discomfort, my body stopped producing so much sweat in my armpits.  Some days, I don’t need to wear deodorant at all.  In addition, the stink from the sweat is nearly gone!  There’s still a little, but a few drops of tea tree oil takes care of it.  Your body cleans out your armpits and doesn’t need to produce so much sweat to overcome the ways you tried to stop it!  Plus, the BO smell is from bacteria present on your skin.  When you use natural deodorant, the antibacterial properties of the oils and scents kill that bacteria and neutralize the smell.  It’s amazing.

Have you tried natural deodorant?  Thinking about making the switch?  Tell me all about it in the comments, or come on over and follow me on Facebook to chat about your opinions.  Can’t wait to hear from you!


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