Oil Spotlight: Lemon Essential Oil


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Did I say that loud enough?  Can ya hear me???

Seriously, all joking aside, Lemon is a fabulous oil for a number of different things.  Read on to find out more about this amazing oil.

Lemon for Cleaning

These days, many people are looking for alternatives to cleaning products that are environmentally unsound and full of toxic man made chemicals. Enter lemon essential oil for your cleansing needs! There are many, many ways to use this versatile oil to clean.  A few drops on a cloth will take ink or crayon off walls or any other surface your kids color on. It’s a great goo remover also-I often use it to remove labels from my empty oil bottles!  A few drops on dishcloths or mop pads keeps those linens fresh while also leaving behind the most delicious scent in your kitchen, and leaving the surfaces sparkling clean.  Ditch those toxic dryer sheets and throw a few wool dryer balls in your dryer with a couple drops of lemon on them.  Your laundry will come out bright and smelling fresh.

Other Uses for Lemon

Lemon oil promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability. This is all largely due to its high d-limonene content. To lift your mood, simply place a few drops in your hand and inhale, or drop a few drops in the diffuser for a fresh, uplifting mist.  The oil’s strong purifying and cleansing properties, along with its natural ability to promote positivity, make it one powerful agent to have on hand when facing any number of threats in your environment.

Lemon is also wonderful for skin!  I place a few drops in a roller along with frankincense, lavender, and coconut oil and use it on my face in the evenings after washing.

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