Oil Spotlight: Lavender Essential Oil


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It’s surprising to me that I took so long to write an article about the one oil that has been in my life  since the beginning of this whole journey.  Lavender essential oil can do EVERYTHING.  Well, maybe not everything, but it feels like it can.  There’s a reason we call this “The Swiss Army Knife” of oils.  Read on to find out just some of the many benefits this gentle oil can provide.

Sleep Support

Lavender is probably most well known as an oil for sleep support.  For centuries, this scent has been used to promote relaxation and comfort.  As a scent for sheets, towels, clothing, bath and body products, and much more, Lavender is sweet and gentle and helps you remember to stop and take a deep breath.  Place a drop on your pillow or the bottoms of your feet, make a lavender pillow spray, or diffuse in your bedroom to promote a good night’s sleep.   This oil is also excellent for babies and children.  My favorite way to use it with my kids is pillow spray- 10 drops of Lavender, a little witch hazel, and distilled water in a 2 oz glass spray bottle like this one.  Spray it on their pillows/sheets and they’ll drift right into dream land.


Emotional Support

As previously mentioned, lavender is great for relaxation.  Because of this, Lavender is a wonderful oil for emotional support.  Add a drop or two to your hands and breathe deeply when stressed or upset.  Sometimes I also like to rub a little on the back of my neck for a longer lasting scent and a quick neck message to relax. Diffusing in any area or situation where tense feelings are occurring is also helpful.


Skin Support

Lavender’s soothing properties are also amazing for skin!  Add one drop in your moisturizer morning and night to soothe skin.  A drop in your mascara bottle will also help support lash growth for long, amazing lashes.


Seasonal Support

Apply to sinus areas or diffuse to soothe the respiratory system.  When combined with peppermint and lemon, Lavender is especially supportive during times of seasonal change.


A word of caution

Lavender became so widely used over the years that many products began to use synthetic versions.  These synthetics can irritate skin and airways, and have no benefit compared to a pure essential oil.  Currently, there is more Lavender sold in the world than grown.  So that tells you that you need to be very, very careful about the lavender products you choose.  Young Living owns it’s lavender farms, and grows and distills pure lavender to make our oils.  Don’t settle for anything less!  Pure lavender oil from Young Living is very affordable.  Remember, it takes very little essential oil to achieve benefits since it’s so concentrated.  So a bottle will last a long time. It’s worth it-you get what you pay for when it comes to essential oils!

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