Oil Spotlight: Frankincense Essential Oil


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Frankincense.  First of all, thank goodness for spell check, because I NEVER spell your name right.  Aside from that, this oil is probably the one you’ve heard of but didn’t know a thing about.  It’s famous for being one of the gifts the wiseman brought the baby Jesus in that story from the Bible we read at Christmas.  So right away, you know that this oil is a rare treasure, something that has been prized for millennia. But what makes Frankincense so special, and what can it offer our bodies?  Read on to learn more about this Biblical oil and it’s benefits to us today.

Brain Support

Frankincense is known as a “grounding” oil.  It’s spicy scent is perfect for diffusing during times when focus is needed, such as studying or meditation.  Pair it with Peppermint, and you have a powerhouse for your mind.  I don’t know about you, but I can use all the brain help I can get because, kids.  Drop a few drops in your hand and inhale right before an occasion where focus might be necessary, such as a test or presentation.

Emotional Support

The grounding quality that makes Frankincense so wonderful for focus is also why it’s helpful as an emotional support oil.  During times of anxiety or panic, I like to clear my mind by dropping a few drops of Frankincense in my hands, then cupping them around my nose and inhaling deeply.  This helps me calm my emotions and bring my focus back to the problem at hand.  This practice is also helpful before yoga practice, meditation, or bedtime.  Anytime where you need to breathe deeply and let go of issues from the day.

Skin Support

Changing directions here, Frankincense is AMAZING for skin.  One drop in your moisturizer day and night will help restore skin to it’s natural state and combat wrinkles.  One drop!  This little bottle sits right next to my sink, lasts forever, and my skin feels more beautiful than ever.

Immune Support

Frankincense supports the body’s return to a natural state of being, which means it’s very supportive in combating the germs that threaten to knock us out of balance!  I add 10 drops to a roller with Young Living’s Thieves blend and some coconut oil, then roll on my kids and myself each morning before school.  This gives our bodies the support they need to fight off the sickies!


Frankincense is one of the more expensive oils I can’t live without, but the good news is, it’s in the Young Living starter kit!  So the savings when you purchase a starter kit are massive.  Want to learn more about the starter kit oils and their uses?  Grab my e-book, Oils 101.  This book is designed to give you just what you need to know about the benefits these oils can offer you.  Can’t wait to have you join us!

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