Making a Leprechaun Trap

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Making a leprechaun trap.

The following post chronicles our adventures making, of all things, a leprechaun trap.  St. Patrick’s day has never been a huge deal for me, although the amount of red headed children in my household probably speaks to some Irish heritage, but I digress. No activities were on my radar for March 17th until my kindergartener arrived home from school two days before, all excited and bearing a note informing me that “You can make a LEPRECHAUN TRAP” for St. Patrick’s Day!  What a fun activity for your family!” Thanks, kindergarten. You know what else isn’t really a huge deal for me? Crafts. @*$&#(*$&.

St Patricks Day

Making the “trap”

The good news about this is, there’s really no wrong way to make a leprechaun trap.  I mean, let’s be real, we aren’t actually trapping leprechauns so this thing doesn’t have to be air tight.  As aforementioned, I’m not a craft person, so my first step was to let my mother take over. She’s craftier than I.  I felt that this was a great opportunity for my kid to use her imagination so I prompted her with a few questions. “What kind of container would trap a leprechaun?”  “What would lure a leprechaun to your trap?”. After some pondering, we decided on a box. This box was pretty small because, hello, leprechauns are small. And since this is St. Patrick’s day we’re talking about here, green is the name of the game.  Every green craft supply at our disposal was dragged out. We ended up with paint, some spanish moss, green felt, and string of decorative shamrocks or two.

After a couple of hours of painting and imagining, we had the end result.  Pretty cute, if you ask me.

I especially love that cute little ladder for the leprechaun to climb up.  Seriously presh.

St Patricks Day

“Trapping” the leprechaun

So of course, after all this work, I can’t just let her wake up to an empty leprechaun trap, I guess.  Right? Right. I mean, I already refuse to do Elf on the Shelf, so what kind of childhood am I giving her?  A quick trip to the local convenience store netted me some leprechaun worthy treats-some rainbow sour candy and a cup of Lucky Charms cereal.  I oh-so-cleverly widened the top of her trap to make it look like the leprechaun got stuck, then placed the treats next with a note:

St Patricks Day

Yeah, I wrote it myself.  I know you’re impressed, try to contain yourself 😉  Anywho, The little note and treats were waiting with the trap when she got up the next morning and she was thrilled.

ST Patricks Day

A Fun New Tradition

So in conclusion, this whole thing turned out pretty cute.  If you’ve a mind to add a family tradition, or just really love St. Patrick’s Day, this might be for you.  For more creative kid ideas, I’d love to have you come follow me over on Pinterest!

The luck of the Irish be with you!


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