Essential Oils for Back to School

Back to School

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Back to School

August is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, that means school supplies, open house, and the return of routine.  Young Living oils are a prominent part of our back to school routine this year, and I expect it to be the best year yet! Here’s a look at how we use oils to support our back to school routine.  You can order any of the oils mentioned in this post by signing up as a customer through Young Living.  Be sure to check out the Premium Starter Kit-it’s Young Living’s best value!

Sleep Support

A good night’s sleep is so important for our little learners!  Lavender, Gentle Baby, and Peace and Calming are go to options in our house for sleep.  I put two drops of Gentle Baby and 3 of Lavender in the diffuser, and then rub a drop of Peace and Calming in some coconut oil on the back of everyone’s neck.  Consistently taking these steps provides amazing support for a peaceful, healing night’s sleep for my kids each night.

Immune Support

A new year means new germs! Young Living Thieves blend offers natural, chemical free support to help our bodies fight germs. I make up a few 10 mL rollers at the beginning of every school year with 5 drops of Thieves and 5 drops of Frankincense.  We roll these on the bottom of our feet every night before bed.  For the school day, my daughter carries Thieves hand purifier in her backpack to use at school in lieu of traditional hand sanitizer, which causes her skin to break out because of the high alcohol content. I try to diffuse Thieves in our home for about 30 minutes each day during the school year-running the diffuser in the kitchen while we eat dinner usually does the trick.  And every sink in our house has Thieves soap for washing up!  I use any excuse  I can to get this blend in my kiddos systems.  Germs be gone!

Focus Support

Kids will be kids.  Let’s be honest, it’s hard for even adults to settle down sometimes and do what needs to be done.  After a summer of late bedtimes, outdoor freedom, swimming, and video games, sometimes it’s hard to get back in the swing of school and homework.   Young Living offers many oils to support focus as studies begin.  The Kidscents line ( a line of oils pre-diluted especially for kids) contains a blend called “GeneYus”. Since it is pre-diluted, this makes a great option-just pop a roller top on the bottle and roll it on wrists or behind ears for instant focus support.  Other grounding oils that may help with focus are Cederwood, Vetiver, and the BrainPower blend.  I find diffusing these in homework areas while the kids are working to be very helpful.

Emotional Support

Back to school can be a time of upheaval for everyone.  Sometimes facing all the newness and change can cause a few butterflies even for the most outgoing of our babies.  Or let’s be honest, sometimes Mama is the one who needs that extra support.   My favorite oils for emotional support are Joy, Valor, Lavender, and Stress Away.  These can be applied as a single or in combination with each other.  Using oils for emotional support, especially with our littles, is part of a process that requires more than just application. Put one of these in the diffuser, and then take the time to sit down with your child and talk about fears and nerves as school approaches.  Apply them before bed as part of a wind down and snuggle session.  All of these things work together to help your child feel confident and secure as school begins.


For more tips on getting kids ready for back to school, check out my post here.   From my house to yours, I hope it’s a great year!



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