Best Young Living Blends for Focus

Oils for Focus

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Oils for Focus

I love the feeling of being in the “zone”.  Do you know the feeling I mean? I’m with it, everything is getting done, and I’m meeting all my goals. However, with three kids, Netflix, my love for library books, and everything else-sometimes I struggle a little.

Young Living Oils have become a great natural support in many areas in my life, and one of them is focus. If focus is something you or someone you love could use a little more of, read on to find out some of my favorite oils for focus.


Let me first say that the smell of this oil is NOT my favorite. But that’s probably precisely why it’s helpful for focus-the scent is very earthy. You know, like the GROUND. It keeps you GROUNDED. (Har, har) Seriously though, if you can only buy one focus oil, this is the best choice. Put it in the diffuser while you’re working in the office, or in a roller with some coconut oil to apply behind your kid’s ears prior to school in the morning.

Disclaimer: this oil is VERY thick, like syrup. You’ll want to warm it a little to help it come out more easily. I put mine in my bra-I’m all about transparency here.


I love the scent of this beautiful oil. You’ve probably heard of it as one of the gifts the three wiseman placed before the baby Jesus in the Christmas story.  There’s a good reason Frank is such a prized oil, but among it’s amazing benefits are it’s overall grounding quality.  Frankincense is a wonderful oil to diffuse when you’re trying to focus.  One of the reasons for this is that it’s very high in sesquiterpenes.  Higher levels of sesquiterpenes enable our DNA cells to receive more oxygen, which promotes clarity and focus.  Just a little science for ya! 😉


Cedarwood earns the prize as the most affordable on this list.  This oil really gives you a bang for your buck, plus it smells amazing.  Again, this is a very grounding, earthy smelling oil that is high in sesquiterpenes, helping to promote oxygen to your cells and bring about clarity and focus.  Diffuse this anytime you need to calm or quiet the mind.  I also place a drop of this gentle oil on my big toe at night before bed, promoting quiet and calm throughout my body as I sleep!


Any of these oils alone is obviously wonderful for focus, but if you really want a powerhouse, use all 3!  Then sit back and watch yourself conquer the world.  Or maybe just your latest pile of laundry.  Hey, small victories, right?

The benefits of oils are endless!  Learn more by grabbing your copy of my free oils 101 book!

Disclaimer:  Suggestions made in this post are specific to Young Living and should not be used with other oils. Statements made in this post have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult a physician. If you are currently taking medication, please do not stop taking it.  I do not take the place of your health care professional. Seek your licensed health care professional about your medications and possible interactions with what you are currently taking.

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