About Me

Hello!  My name is Angie, and welcome to my blog, “Angiessentials”.  Thank you for being a friend 🙂

Seven years ago, my first little ginger was born with what I’ve come to believe was the most sensitive skin on the planet.  Tons of creams, lotions, doctors visits, and tests later, we discovered she was suffering from allergic dermatitis.  She was allergic to a handful of synthetic ingredients, mostly petroleum based products, that seemed to be in EVERYTHING.

My panic at this news led me to reading all kinds of things, which made me realize that I needed to question some of the things that everyone in my family was consuming daily.   This led me to dive deeper into a company I’d been dabbling in, called Young Living, and I quickly discovered they had clean, safe products without those synthetics she was allergic to.  This blog is about those products I’ve come to love, the ways I use them, and how they enrich our lives.

It’s also about some of  my other “essentials”-books, PBS, Dr. Pepper, personal space, quick and easy dinner recipes,  funny stuff, faith.  It’s my little corner of the internet, an outlet for this stay at home mom of three little girls.  Sometimes we all just need a place to take a break from the potty training and Bubble Guppies re-runs, so this is mine.  And if that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

Are you my people?  For me, this isn’t just an outlet-it’s about creating a tribe.  So if you’re looking for a tribe, welcome to mine.  Come as you are-there will probably be memes.