5 Great Netflix Shows for Preschoolers

5 Great shows Netflix

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Preschool Netflix

It happens to the best of us: we need five minutes, so out comes the Netflix app.  No judgement here.  However, don’t despair-there are lots of great Netflix shows for preschoolers. Keep reading to discover 5 of my favorites.


Little Baby Bum

Weird name, serious show.  You might have scrolled past this because you took one look at the odd name and thought, “Forget it-my kid isn’t watching anything about a bum.”  Look again though, because it isn’t what it seems.  We actually discovered these animated gems first as YouTube videos-my older daughter loved watching them as a toddler.  Each little video featured a song with large, animated figures acting out the words in kind of a cartoony slo mo.   Netflix has a learning songs special and a nursery rhyme special from this franchise where they’ve combined the videos from the YouTube channel together in one continuous special and they are darling!  My kids will watch it over and over again, and they LOVE to sing along.  The nursery rhymes are great, but they also have songs that teach lessons-about washing your hands, telling time, or shapes, for example.  It’s my favorite show for the kids to watch while I’m making dinner because it keeps their attention while putting good things in their brains.

Sarah and Duck

My girls love this precious little BBC show about Sarah and her little duck.  The show follows Sarah and duck as they have adventures with their friends.  A narrator comes along for the ride and helps us understand what’s going on.  This show is quiet and the pace is a little slower, so it’s great for calming down before bed.  Of course Duck doesn’t talk, he only quacks.   And my girls love watching him do that!  Sarah and Duck’s little adventures help them learn all sorts of interesting things, like how to plant seeds, or what happens at the library.


This is a Nick, Jr. show but there are several seasons on Netflix.  I love, love, love the cute little songs in the show and it’s taught my girls SO much about sea life.  A few weeks ago we were at the zoo and my 6 year old was pointing out “sea urchins” and “puffer fish”.  How did she know all these?  Easy, Octonauts.  Aside from all the sea creature knowledge, I just can’t stop singing the little song from the end of each episode-“Creature Report, Creature Report…”  Tons of interesting facts and beautiful images to keep kids learning and entertained.

Beat Bugs

I honestly think this one made the list for me more than my kids.  The Beat Bugs is a Netflix original series about a bunch of super cute singing Bugs.  So that’s what your kids will love about it.  What YOU will love about it is, each episode is based on a Beatles song!  For example, in “Penny Lane” the bugs explain all about Penny Lane, their stage made of pennies.  Indirectly your kids learn about the penny, but they also get to see the Beat Bugs show them around Penny Lane-to the tune of the iconic song but the Beatles.  I just love the Beatles so this excites me, but I also think it’s a clever idea for a show.

Ask the Storybots

Why is the sky blue?  Why do I have to brush my teeth? Where does rain come from?  I may not have known the answer to some of these questions without Storybots.  I’m not going to tell you which ones.  Another Netflix original, Storybots are a collection of funny little robots who live inside computer parts and answer your kids questions.  They have unique personalities and only a couple of them talk.  They do those funny, slap stick things that kids love, like crash into each other and cause a huge pile of junk to fall on top of them.  You know the drill.  I love the Story bots because they answer interesting questions in each episode but still give me a laugh.  Two thumbs up from both myself AND the preschoolers in this house.


I feel like this has only scratched the surface of all the great things available on Netflix.  Did your favorite make the list?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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