"It's Just A Detour"- A Mindset Shift for Breaking Habits
This week, I started a new journey.  Naturally slim most of my life, middle age has caused my metabolism to slow and the pounds to begin accumulating.  After going up two pants sizes and starting to see my BMI creep ever closer to overweight, I decided it was time to change the bad eating habits I've ignored for years.  

Bad news, though-apparently when you've been drinking HUGE sodas multiple times a day for literal YEARS, it can be a bit hard to quit.  I have gone up and and down and tried a million things.

This last week, I switched to diet sodas and simply tracked my calories.  So far, this working because it's made me very conscious of what's gone in my mouth.  And for a couple of days I did very well, but…...

Today is Saturday.  It's day 1,102,393, 023 (or whatever) of quarantine.  My kids are in my business, I can't get anything done, everyone is whiny and bored, and I'm tired.  So I ate what I wanted, and I drank WAY. TOO. MUCH. SODA.  
I feel gross, defeated, and like I'm never going to overcome this monster.  

However, I just had a conversation with a friend that I rushed to blog about because I felt like it hit on a very important mindset shift that I hope everyone hears.  As I complained about how hard I fell off the wagon today, I realized something. From somewhere inside of me, a voice told me that  I did really well most of this week.  Better than I think I've ever done at working towards change.  "Yeah, today sucked," I told my friend, "But it's just a detour. And tomorrow I'm going to get back on the road."

"It's just a detour."   Why was this such a fundamental mindshift for me?  Well, when you take a detour, you just take a side trip that takes you off the road for a little bit.  But ultimately, you're still going the same direction. 
Too often, I think that when we set out to do something new, and we fail, we see it as a wrong turn.  You're off course, off track, and going completely the wrong way.  When you do that, you'll never get there.  You have to turn around, go back to the beginning, and start all over.  That's so defeating!  No wonder we just give up and stay where we are.  So what would happen then, if we decided to see the mistakes we make on the way to our goals as just "detours."  Things that took us off the road for a bit, but once they're over, we get right back on.   

Do you have an ongoing battle you're fighting?  Something you'd like to do but haven't quite achieved it?  What held you back?  Think through that situation and be honest with yourself-did you think that failure meant you couldn't do it?  Now imagine that wasn't a failure at all.  It was simply a little side trip.  You were going in the right direction, and you had to stop for a minute-but now you're getting right back on and heading out.  

I believe in ya! 



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